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Page in the Internet-based educational material, about cuttlefish skeleton
Aquascope web page about the cuttlefish skeleton
Photo: Helena Samuelsson

School projects and Teaching materials

Even if the school doesn't have the possibility to visit us, there are ways with our assistance to get in contact with sea and science. Most of our school projects and Internet based educational material are in Swedish.


Available in English is the Aquascope, which contains descriptions of common organisms by Swedish shores as well as suggestions of studies and surveys. It consists of approx. 1900 web pages and has a Swedish and English version.

Main target groups are school pupils able to read and their teachers, but also many others may have use of the web site / educational material.

The Aquascope was produced from 1996 by Bo Johannesson, Martin Larsvik, Lars-Ove Loo and Helena Samuelsson, all at Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory of that time. Many others have subsequently contributed.