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Refund of tuition fee

In some circumstances, it is possible to apply for a tuition fee refund if you are unable to carry out your studies at the University of Gothenburg. More information about reasons for granting a tuition fee refund and the application process are found below.

Apply for a refund

An individual assessment is always made to determine whether a refund of the tuition fee can be granted.

To apply for a tuition fee refund, you must make an official request to the tuition fee team via You must be able to provide documents verifying the reason for the request.

You must also be able to prove that the refund is made to the same bank account from which the payment was originally made.

If the reason for the tuition fee refund includes that you have to terminate your studies and return to your home country, you must also be able to present a passport copy showing that you left Sweden before a tuition fee refund can be granted.

Please note that it is not possible to receive a tuition fee refund without first notifying the University of Gothenburg of cancellation or interruption of the program.

Reasons for granting a tuition fee refund

Reasons for granting a tuition fee refund includes if you have been denied a residence permit for studies by the Swedish Migration Agency and could not participate in studies. It may also be possible to be granted a tuition fee refund due to extraordinary circumstances that prevent you from participating in studies.

If you invoke extraordinary circumstances as the reason for your request of a tuition fee refund, great importance will be attached to the documentation that verifies the reason for your request when your case is assessed. The University of Gothenburg has the right to reject applications that does not meet the requirements.

Administrative fee

If a tuition fee refund is granted, the University of Gothenburg will reserve the right to retain 9000 SEK for administrative expenses.

The administrative fee applies to tuition fee refunds for autumn semester 2021 an onwards. No fee will be charged for tuition fee refunds made for study semesters prior to autumn semester 2021.