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Financial Aid Scholarship due to the war in Ukraine Spring 2022

The scholarship offered students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus the opportunity of financial aid due to the war in Ukraine. It was intended for students on Bachelor-, Master and Postgraduate level who were financially affected by the war in Ukraine. The amount awarded was 50 000 SEK per scholarship.

The application closed on 13 May 2022.  The Scholarship is no longer available. 

Who could receive the Scholarship? 

To be eligible for the scholarship, the student should: 

  • be a citizen of Ukraine, Russia or Belarus
  • study at least half time at the University of Gothenburg during Spring semester 2022. 
  • be in a difficult economic situation directly caused by the war in Ukraine
  • not receive other support for living expenses
  • as postgraduate student, not be employed at the University of Gothenburg or by an external party.
  • not have a permanent residence permit (PUT) in Sweden.

The benefactor 

The Financial Aid Scholarship due to the war in Ukraine was funded by the Adlerbertska Student Housing Foundation and Adlerbertska Pupil Housing Foundation means for students at the University of Gothenburg. Read more about the benefactor Axel Adler here. 

Rotary scholarship for Ukrainian students

Students from Ukraine who would be enrolled in higher education in Gothenburg in the autumn 2022 could apply for a Rotary International Student House (RISH) special Ukraine scholarship of 30.000 SEK.

A board that included representatives from Rotary and the student organizations decided which applicants were to be granted with a scholarship.

Application closed

The application deadline was June 1, 2022.