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Wood Orientated Furniture Design 2

Bachelor’s level
19,5 credits (ECTS)


This is a freestanding course that includes a full-time semester study in design with specialization in Wood Oriented Furniture Design. The course is aimed at those who already have some experience in design and wood on a university level, and who want to develop within the field.


You follow the second semester of the BFA Program in Wood Oriented Furniture Design. During one semester you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding of wood materials and techniques. You explore different techniques, both proficiently and expressively, based on different tasks and themes, with starting point in the concept of material, body and space. You are expected to further develop your working methods and reflection on your own work, as well as communicating your choice of methods, both in writing and orally. Continuation modules in visual studies and literacy, as well as theory and history, are also included in the course. Teaching takes the form of lectures and exercises with supervision, workshops and briefings. During the spring semester there is a continuation course that should be applied for separately.

The course is part of the international environment at the Academy of Art and Design, at Steneby. The language of instruction is English. If you are Swedish-speaking, you can perform a few modules in Swedish, if you wish to. Applications can be submitted in English or Swedish.

The course is situated at HDK at Steneby in Dals Långed. Admissions are made subject to availability in our workshops.

The following courses are included in the semester:

SBMD07 Wood Oriented Furniture Design 2, 19.5 credits

SBHI02 Theory and History 2, 3 credits

SBVI02 Visual Studies, Visual Literacy 2, 7.5 credits

Apply for the course

1. Apply for the course on
Application period: September 15 - October 15 2020 

2. Submit your work sample through SlideRoom:
Period to submit work sample: September 15–October 22 2020 

An application is only valid with a correctly submitted work sample. Read more about the work sample below.

Prerequisites and selection


Special instructions for application

Work sample

Instructions for the work sample will be available before the course opens for application on September 15, 2020.

More information about Special instructions for application


Steneby is a creative cultural and educational environment in Dals Långed. The educational programmes at Steneby share a common ground in the materials wood, metal and textile. There is also an art gallery and a library.

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