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Theoretical and Historical Perspectives on Global Governance

Master’s level
15 credits (ECTS)


The course will give you the foundation for an interdisciplinary and problem-oriented approach to international organisations and global governance. In addition, the course will also identify and critically analyse the most important institutions, organisations and regimes that make up the international system.


Within the course, you explore and analyse historical developments and contemporary questions in international issues such as international trade, international aid and development, security, and a relative newcomer to the international arena, international environmental protection.

You will also evaluate the major trends and ideas in international policy areas such as human rights, development, security, globalisation, international trade and international assistance.

In this course you learn about different strategies used in international organisations and in global governance.

Prerequisites and selection



The Department of Political Science is located in Campus Haga, which lies right in the centre of the city of Gothenburg.

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