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Technology-driven Experimental Gameplay Design

Master’s level
7,5 credits (ECTS)


Advances in computer game and game development are often tied intrinsically to the develop of new technology. However, the potential use of new technology is typically easier to identify regarding graphics, sound, networking, and even business aspects than regarding the core of a game, its game mechanics or gameplay.

The course technologydriven experimental game design focuses upon developing skills for understanding and applying new technologies specially towards enabling new forms of gameplay.

Two currently relevant new technologies are introduced in the course (which technologies vary between years). Creativity methods are taught in the courses as a preparation for applying these methods during the work on the specific technologies.

Prerequisites and selection


To be eligible for this course, students must have successfully completed the following courses, or equivalent:
TIA265 Game Engine Architecture, 7.5 credits
Applicants must prove knowledge of English: English 6/English B or the equivalent level of an internationally recognized test, for example TOEFL, IELTS.