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Study a master's in Applied Data Science

Big Data is taking centre stage in all areas – business and industry, public policy, the life sciences, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. The Applied Data Science master’s programme focuses on how to process, analyse and extract knowledge from these large amounts of data.

Welcoming students from various backgrounds

The master’s programme in Applied Data Science will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to meet the challenges and opportunities of working in the Big Data era. The programme is designed to be accessible to students with a wide range of bachelor’s degrees. The students who don't have a background in computer science are offered complementary courses to strengthen their knowledge. Starting from the fall 2021, a basic course in Python will be added to the programme – to bring all students to more of an equal level. 

Meet the students

Students at Applied Data Science master's programme can come from many different backgrounds. Get to know some of them!

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Draw your own path

If you want to apply for the programme, don’t be afraid to do so even if you don’t know any computer science. You will learn along the way.

The Applied Data Science master's programme let students from other backgrounds catch up with their computer science knowledge in specially designed courses. Read more about the programme and its prerequisites.

After graduation

After a master’s degree in applied data science, you can take many different paths. You can choose to go back to your previous field of expertise, go more deeply into computer science and mathematics – or continue your academic career with a PhD position.

Study in Sweden

Studying in Sweden can be both challenging and exciting. Learn more about the student life in Sweden's second largest city.