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Strategy and Organisation

Master’s level
7,5 credits (ECTS)


This advanced course in strategy and organisation is concerned with how organisations meet and manage significant threats and challenges, as well as opportunities, both internally and externally. The purpose of the course is to develop an intellectual understanding of the processes leading to strategic business renewal as well as an ability to apply this understanding to real and current problems. The ambition is to prepare students to take part in business development and strategic work as analysts and, in later stages of their careers, to lead such processes.

There is a rich scientific knowledge base on how companies perceive and make sense of emerging problems and opportunities. In the Scandinavian setting, researchers on strategy have taken a deep interest in processes and relational aspects of corporate strategy. Learning, negotiation and networks are important concepts. To some extent large Scandinavian corporations have applied these ideas, and that might be a significant explanation to their relative success. It is natural to exploit the Scandinavian heritage, but without losing the global perspective.

Strategic problems and opportunities arise in all sectors. Important aspects are not only the company's positioning in relation to its market, but also the technological development, the supply of labour, political developments in society and other factors crucial for how organisations manage their business. Strategic work is to a large extent a question of understanding these contingencies and to reinterpret them as assets rather than as restrictions.

While knowledge of strategic processes emerges, there is still a large market for simple rules of thumb in strategic work. Academic education aspires to equip students with a scientific approach and thereby to create a buffer against the temptation of a quick fix. An important part of the course is to confront students with real strategic problems during the period of the course. This is partly done by carefully analysing an organisation with strategic dilemmas.

Prerequisites and selection


To be eligible for the course Strategy and Organisation the participant must fulfil the entrance qualifications for the Master of Science programme in Management. For programme specific entrance requirements, see programme syllabus.