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Rhetoric and Argumentation in the Digital Age

Master’s level
7,5 credits (ECTS)


The course aims to provide you with fundamental rhetorical and argumentative skills to compose persuasive texts addressed to a variety of audiences and to analyse rhetorical devices in texts produced in both traditional and digital contexts. The course introduces you to key concepts of rhetoric and argumentation from classical and contemporary perspectives. The course is also endowed with practical-analytical components. On the one hand, you are given the opportunity to reflect upon your own use of rhetorical devices by putting your gained rhetorical skills to work, i.e. by composing and delivering texts suitable for various audiences and social contexts. On the other hand, the course provides an array of analytical tools to examine the use of rhetorical and argumentative devices in various genres, with a particular interest in digital/internet-based genres (e.g. social media posts, blogs, wikis, and websites).

Prerequisites and selection