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Perspectives of consumer choice behavior

Master’s level
7,5 credits (ECTS)


Perspectives on consumer choice behavior is a course that aims at theorizing around the topic of consumers and their choices and behavior in the marketplace.

The course is rooted in theories developed within the realm of consumer psychology. Within this perspective, the course will present and discuss different perspectives on consumer choice behavior. Cornerstones in the course will be

- cognitively-based decision-making as represented by theories of information-processing

- affective approaches, including how emotions impact consumer choice behavior

- choice architecture approaches, including how the design of the choice situation influences the decisions that consumer make.

The above, many times inter-disciplinary, parts of the course represent different approaches to understanding the consumer as decision-maker.

The course deepens the students’ knowledge of consumer behavior in general. It further emphasizes the experimental methods as means to research within this theoretical field. This knowledge is managerially useful for many different marketing problems. It also gives the student an insight into his or her own choice behavior in the marketplace.

Prerequisites and selection


To be eligible for the course GM1115 Perspectives of consumer choice behavior the participant must fulfil the entrance qualifications for the Master of Science programme in Marketing and consumption. For programme specific entrance requirements, see programme syllabus.