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Lima, Peru

Partner universities - Finance

The School of Business, Economics and Law has several exchange agreements on master's level in the subject field finance.


City: Frankfurt

Level: B/M

Programme: Erasmus

Study field: business, economics, finance


Semester dates (appr): Oct-Mar, Apr-Aug

Exam period: Three weeks at the end of the semester

Introduction programme: Yes

Language course: Yes

Courses per semester: Around 6

Credits per semester: 30 ECTS

Grading system: ECTS

Teaching language: German, English

Accommodation: Limited offer of On-campus housing

Other: A payment of the semester contribution (appr. EUR 360) needs to be paid by all students. The semester contribution is a social contribution to the Student Body Committees and give students free use of public transportation within the area of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund.

Former exchange students: John Gustafsson (MSc Finance), Lars Jacobson (MSc Finance)

Proof of English language proficiency: No English language test is required

Course offer: Course Offer


City: Rome

Level: B/M

Programme: Erasmus

Study field: Finance (incl. DDP), Economics (incl. DDP), Business


Semester dates (appr): Sep-Jan, Mar-Jul

Exam period: At the end of each semester

Introduction programme: Welcome Day

Language course: Yes

Courses per semester: Normally 5

Credits per semester: 30 ECTS

Grading system: Italian and ECTS

Teaching language: Italian and English

Accommodation: Help to find private accommodation

Former exchange students: Jesper Karlsson (MSc Finance - Double Degree); Martin Södling (MSc Finance - Double Degree); Mathilda Keino (MSc Finance), Ana Botorce (MSc Finance - Double Degree); Joakim Phung (MSc Finance - Double Degree)

Proof of English language proficiency: No language test is required

Course offer: Master Courses in English

Other useful info: Information for incoming students

City: Siena 

Level: B/M

Programme: Erasmus

Study field: Business, Economics, Finance


Link for exchange stduents:

Semester dates (appr.)

Autumn (1st semester)
End September - mid January

Spring (2nd semester)
End February - mid June

Examination period: mid January to end February (including 1 re-sit opportunity)
Examination period: mid June to end July (including 1 re-sit opportunity)

Introduction programme: Welcome Week prior to lecture start

Language Course: The University of Siena offers two kinds of Italian language courses:
Intensive language courses before the semester starts
In September for 1st semester students
In February for 2nd semester students
Extensive language courses during the semester
In October/November for 1st semester students
In March/April for 2nd semester students

They "strongly recommend students to attend the Intensive Italian language course held before the semester starts (September or February) in order to avoid possible overlap with classes at the departments of the University".

For further information: 

Courses per semester: 4 - 6 (courses can vary in credit value ranging from 6 to 12 CFU (HP/ECTS) 

Credits per semester: 30 CFU (ECTS)

Grading system: Italian and ECTS

Teaching language: Italian and English

Accommodation: University housing granted on a first come, first served basis.

Former exchange students: Not appicable. New agreement Autumn 2020

Proof of English language proficiency: Minimum B1 recommended according to the CEFR scale.

 Course offer:
Students can look here for each module, using the menu on the right column. For each module the following information is provided: the name of the Professor, the number of ECTS credits, the semester,a description of the module and the content, a link to the timetable (as soon as it is available).

 Other information: New exchange opportunity for Autumn 2020!


City: Lima

Level: B/M

Programme: Bilateral

Study field: Business, Economics, Finance


Semester dates (appr): Jul - Dec, Mar - Jul

Exam period: One in the middle (mid-terms) and one in the end (finals)

Introduction programme: Yes

Language course: Yes, starts two weeks before semester start

Courses per semester: Credits per semester:10 UP credits.
1 UP credit is equal to 3 hp/ECTS

Grading system:  

Teaching language: 

Bachelor level: Spanish and English. Some knowledge in Spanish is required, even if you only take courses in English.
Master level: All courses are taught in Spanish

Accommodation: The International Office will assist in finding accomodation in a student house (privately run dorms), in a family home or in a rented apartment). 

Former exchange students: August Schelin

Proof of English language proficiency:

For bachelor: B2 level for courses taught in Spanish, or 90 TOEFL/6.5 IELTS for courses in English. Any document that certifies the language proficiency in any of these two languages is accepted and it must be less than 2 years old from the application date.
For graduate: C1 level in Spanish is required. Take into account that the graduate programs are offered in Spanish and take place on weekends.

Course offer: Courses