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Materiality In The Experienced Space

Master’s level
15 credits (ECTS)


The spatial perception is something that controls many of our behaviors. Within disciplines such as architecture, design and scenography, it is one of the most central areas of knowledge.

It is a well-established opinion that the properties of the materials are of great importance to our experiences, however what properties in the materials are affecting us, and in what ways? How can materiality be used in an artistic work?

The course is an in-depth study of spatial design with focus on how material influences our perception. During the course, the participants will be able to explore how materials effect our experience of space, and in practical work develop oneself through exercises in spatial design. Theoretical studies are interspersed with practical experiments, and the experiences are processed in discussions between the participants. Experienced teachers in topics such as materiality, architecture, design, light, and artistic work will contribute to a learning situation that will enrich you who work with spatial design and who want to have the opportunity to focused in-depth studies.

The course is web-based with compulsory meetings at the HDK Steneby campus. Participation mainly takes place via computer and internet. Participants meet at campus in Dals Långed, in an inspiring study environment, on four occasions during the course.

Since the classes start in the morning, it might be necessary to arrive the night before.

The language of instruction is English.

Prerequisites and selection


At least 180 credits in Crafts, Design, Fine Art, Architecture or the equivalent. In addition, English level 6/English B is required.