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Master Thesis in Earth Sciences: Major in Physical Oceanography

Master’s level
30 credits (ECTS)


student carries out a supervised independent scientific project that
may consist of experimental work or the analysis and evaluation of
existing scientific data. The finished work is presented in writing in
the form of a scientific report and an oral presentation.

The work can be done at the Department of Marine Sciences, at another
institution in a relevant discipline, or externally at a company,
institution or authority, and is supervised by scientifically trained
researchers. To be registered on the course requires an approved
individual study plan. The degree course may also, in agreement with the
institution, be registered as 45 or 60 credits.

As a student, you have the responsibility to find a supervisor and
contact an examiner before being accepted to the course. In connection
with these contacts, you should show that you have taken the courses
required for the subject area. Choice of project assignment is done in a
discussion with the examiner and the supervisor. The date for starting
the course is also decided in the discussions with subject examiner and
supervisor. For project suggestions see the project catalogue.

Prerequisites and selection


A Bachelor´s degree with 180 credits in Earth Science that includes at least 30 credits in the appropriate sub discipline. Students with an equivalent background can also be admitted to the course, with the student counsellors permission. Applicants must prove their knowledge of English: English 6/English B from Swedish Upper Secondary School or the equivalent level of an internationally recognized test, for example TOEFL, IELTS.