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Mathematical signs and patterns
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Linear Mixed Models for Longitudinal Data

Master’s level
7,5 credits (ECTS)


This course is an introduction to the area of mixed models which has become a necessary tool for treating real life situations with e.g. random effects, correlated observations and missing data. The emphasis is on longitudinal data and on how to use SAS and R to analyse mixed models. The course deals with the following topics:

  • Exploratory Data Analysis,
  • Estimation of the Marginal Model, Inference for the Marginal Model,
  • Inference for the Random Effects,
  • Fitting Linear Mixed Models with SAS, General Guidelines for Model Building,
  • Exploring Serial Correlation, Local Influence for the Linear Mixed Model,
  • The Heterogeneity Model, Conditional Linear Mixed Models,
  • Exploring Incomplete Data, Joint Modelling of Measurements and Missingness,
  • Simple Missing Data Methods, Selection Models,
  • Pattern-Mixture Models, Sensitivity Analysis for Selection Models,
  • The Expectation-Maximization Algorithm, Design Considerations, Case Studies.

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Prerequisites and selection


For entrance to the course, a student is required to have knowledge corresponding to the courses MSG110 Probability Theory, MSG200 Statistical Inference, MSG500 Linear Statistical Models and MMG300 Multivariable Calculus.


Mathematical Sciences is a joint department of Chalmers/University of Gothenburg. Your education takes place in the spacious and bright premises of Mathematical Sciences at the Chalmers campus Johanneberg, where there are lecture halls, computer rooms and group rooms. Here you can also find student lunch room and reading room, as well as student counsellors and student office.

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