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Introduction to International relations

Bachelor’s level
15 credits (ECTS)


Do you want to know how the international system is structured and how it operates? In the introductory course in International Relations, you learn how to reflect upon core problems and global challenges in the world. The course gives you an introduction to different theoretical perspectives that helps you to analyze pressing issues in world politics and provide you with tools to work with international issues in different contexts.


This course will give you a cutting-edge introduction to International Relations. You will explore the history of the subject and learn about the main institutions of the international system. The course will provide you with theoretical tools and approaches to analyze real-world events and will train you in theoretical reflection. Focus is placed on different important contemporary processes in relation to for example war and peace, climate and sustainability, and gender dimension is embedded throughout the course. In focusing on International Relations theories and the ways in which different theoretical perspectives compose different pictures of the world, you will be trained in academic analysis and argumentation.

In addition to lectures, we work with interactive processes through for example seminars, debate seminars and a special feature which we call the IR-cafés. Here we bring up current real-world events for discussions and reflections.

Prerequisites and selection


General entrance requirements

After graduation

After your studies, you are prepared to work with international issues in different fields. Those fields vary from civil society organizations, municipalities, national and international authorities and organizations and the private sector. Previous students occupy a range of different professions in different sections, such as for example project leader in peace organizations, analysts within the Swedish ministry of foreign affairs, and administrators at municipalities. 

Recommended study route

Apply for the course together with Problems and issues in International Relations, 15 credits (IR1122) if you want to study International Relations for a whole semester.