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History and Theology of the Free Church Movement

Master’s level
7.5 credits (ECTS)


The free church movement, emerging at the time of the Protestant
reformation, has had an immense influence not only on church and
theology, but also on politics and society globally. This course draws
on new and exciting research, from several academic disciplines, on the
free church movement and provides tools for a better understanding of
its historical emergence, theological identity, ethical and political
ethos, and contemporary relevance. As such, the course offers the
possibility of an in-depth understanding of free church theology and
praxis and a good foundation for further research and study in this

Prerequisites and selection


Degree of Bachelor or completed courses of at least 180 credits at first cycle level, of which at least 90 credits with progression in some main field of study where it is included a bachelor's thesis of at least 15 credits. Qualified are also those that have equivalent foreign education or that have equivalent prior knowledge according to earlier study regulation. Furthermore, knowledge corresponding to English A/English 5 is required.