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Autumn 2020

Study pace                      Time                                          Location
50%                                   Afternoon                                 Gothenburg

Language                         Duration                                    Part of semester
English                               31 Aug 2020 - 2 Nov 2021       Q1-Q2       


Subject area:  Education

Faculty: Facutly of Education

Department: Education and Special Education

About the course

The course aims to introduce some general theories and main concepts on gender, but also empirical resear­ch on the field of gender and education. The course focuses on education and on how gender relations affect as well as differentiate education. Three main themes structure the course: Main concepts of gender and gender relations; societal perspectives on gender patterns in education; and processes in in school. Both Swedish and international research and perspectives will be presented.

This course is open to

Exchange students at the Faculty of Education, and exchange students on a university-wide agreement. Please contact the International Student Office,, if you need to know more.

Entry requirements

General entrance requirements

English proficiency

We do not require any specific certificates, but we would like to point out that only students with a sufficient level of English will be accepted.


Do you want to apply to this course as an exchange student? Read more on the page “How to apply”.

More information


International Student Office

Sara Haug Andersson, Educational officer