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Financial Institutions and Markets

Master’s level
7,5 credits (ECTS)


The course aims to provide students with thorough understanding of financial institutions and markets based on how investment professionals relate to the same. The course covers modern techniques for analyzing financial institutions and products with a focus on risk and return. The impact of the ongoing structural changes in the financial markets, including changes in regulation and other requirement is also an important part of the course.

The course is thus intended to give students a comprehensive understanding of the central role that financial markets and institutions play in the economy and therefore treats also:

  • What are main functions that financial markets and institutions play in society.
  • The financial sector's structural and competitiveness-related changes over time.
  • Performance measurement and control in banks and insurance firms.
  • Risk Management in financial institutions.
  • Risk Calculation of financial instruments.

Prerequisites and selection


To be eligible for the course Financial Institutions and Markets the participant must fulfil the entrance qualifications for the Master of Science programme in Finance or Economics. For programme specific entrance requirements, see programme syllabus.