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Entrepreneurship and New Business Development

Master’s level
7,5 credits (ECTS)


This course addresses the theoretical understanding and practical tools for entrepreneurship and new business development. Entrepreneurship usually refers to venture creation, such as the start-up of new businesses. In addition, entrepreneurship can also be seen as relevant to understand broader issues in the society as a driver of change. This course offers value to students interested in starting their own firm, but also to students interested in managing, influencing and stimulating entrepreneurial activities (i.e. public policy makers, venture capitalists, and internal company managers striving for renewal). The student will develop competencies, techniques, and skills about entrepreneurship, set within a reflective and critical approach to study business creation in the modern economy.

This course will focus on practical aspects of engaging in entrepreneurship, such as developing and presenting a business plan. The theoretical aspects of the course will focus on aspects of entrepreneurship on individual, organizational and societal level through front-line research.

Prerequisites and selection