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Animal Fiction: Literary Human-Animal Studies and the Environment

Bachelor’s level
7,5 credits (ECTS)


Animals are present in literary works in ways that correspond to the diversity of animal presence in human lives and human societies. A study of literary animals allows us to reflect upon the relation between humanity and the natural world, but also on the place, function and ethics of literary representation. This course takes as its focus a number of literary texts in a global context and asks students to read them in the light of current theories within ecocriticism and Human-Animal Studies. The theoretical material addresses central questions concerning the vast contradictions present in human attitudes and practices towards animals within and across different cultural contexts.

Prerequisites and selection


The requirement for admission to the course is 60 credits in progression in an academic subject as well as English B/English 6 or the equivalent thereof.  


Our campus - Humanisten
Address: Renstströmsgatan 6

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