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Masters Programme in Strategic Human Resource Management and Labour Relations

Are you interested in working with highly qualified strategic personnel management? On this Master’s Programme you will learn to analyse and understand the relationship between societal conditions, business goals and human resource activities.

This Master´s programme deepens knowledge of working life and human resource work. We prepare you for work as a strategic partner, with competence in the development of specific HRM strategies. As a strategic HRM partner, you may work with staffing strategies, strategies for the work environment, compensation and benefit, employment and recruitment, or competence development. The strategic role indicates that you will work closely with the managerial group.

The programme is offered jointly by the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Sociology and Work Science. The programme is offered to both foreign and Swedish students with different educational backgrounds within the broad fields of social sciences and business administration. All compulsory courses are taught in English.

Strategic Human Resource Management

In this programme you will learn more about the strategic human resources e.g. with references to the strategic human resource role, organisational change and related processes and leadership. This programme highlights that HRM and HR activities are related to and dependent on major social trends, such as employment patterns, internationalisation, cultural differences, stratification patterns and labour market polices. This programme will provide you with the analytical skills required to work within strategic human resource management and with a central understanding of how social trends affect the organisation, HR work and and labour relations.


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Strategic Human Resource Management