University of Gothenburg
Remotely Operated Vehicle and cable, standing on land
Photo: Martin Larsvik

ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle

The largest and most equipped Remotely Operated Vehicle at the University of Gothenburg descends to 1000 metres depth. It has cameras, sampling equipment, several instruments measuring in the water column and positioning system. V8 Offshore is used on larger research vessels.

A Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle (ROV) is connected via a cable to a ship. From a control room on board, a pilot controls the ROV and its equipment. With cameras and via the cable, we can show moving images and still images in real time on board while recording. ROV is useful in education, research and outreach activities.

With ROV you can reach great depths, to observe, take samples and film for hours, which is not possible through diving. Our ROV have a manipulator arm that can deploy, move or collect various objects. There are also other equipment for biological sampling and sensors to collect information on sea water and seabed.

Illustration of Remotely Operated Vehicle V8 Offshore
V8 Offshore, with a manipulator arm to the right
Photo: Ocean Modules

Facts V8 Offshore

Manufacturer: Ocean Modules Sweden AB, Åtvidaberg, Sweden
Model: V8 Offshore
Owner: University of Gothenburg
Commissioned for operation and service: MMT Sweden AB, Västra Frölunda, Sweden
Length • width • height (cm): 156 • 86 • 118
Weight: 650 kg
Thrusters: 8 pcs • 1500 W/pc
Maximum speed: 1.5 knots
Maximum depth: 3000 metres
Length of existing cable (longer can be ordered for specific missions): 1000 metres

Equipped with:

  • 2 video cameras 720•576 pixels, still camera
  • LED lights
  • Five-function manipulator
  • Suction sampler
  • Sampler box
  • CTD
  • Oxygen meter (optode)
  • Turbidity meter
  • Sonar
  • Instrument with laser points, for size assessment of objects
  • Acoustic positioning system (transducer on research vessel, transponder on ROV)

Used via container module on R/V Skagerak or other larger research vessel.

Purchased: 2011

Remotely Operated Vehicle 100 metres below a ship on the sea surface
A Remotely Operated Vehicle illuminates and film at a depth of 100 metres
Photo: Martin Larsvik