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University of Gothenburg
Det befintliga forskningsfartyget Skagerak till sjöss
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Existing R/V Skagerak

The research vessel Skagerak, length 38 metres, is fully equipped for marine research and education in water depth down to 1000 metres. The trained and experienced crew is familiar with handling and deploying scientific equipment. Maximal endurance at sea is 14 days. During longer expeditions Skagerak can take 12 scientists/students, during day expeditions 16. The crew consists normally of 5 persons.

Ship data
Built by: August Pahl Schiff-werft, Hamburg, Germany, 1968
Namned after: an arm of the North Sea
Owner: University of Gothenburg, since 1993
Staffing the vessel and responsible for maritime safety: Northern Offshore Services

Length over all (L.O.A.): 38.16 m
Width: 9.10 m
Draft (draught): 4.0 m
Freeboard, working deck: 1.0 m
Main engine: Caterpillar 3512B DITA, 1115 HP
Generator (auxiliary engine): 380/220 V AC (200 kVA), 24 V DC

Speed: 11 knots
Range: Sea area A (all seas – for Skagerak in practice Baltic Sea, Kattegat, Skagerrak and North Sea)
Maximum time at sea: 2 weeks (needs extra crew), normally 2-5 days

Navigational software: Maxsea and OLEX
Echo sounder: Simrad ES60 120 kHz and 38 kHz

Capacity and working space
Gross register tonnage: 370 GRT
Fuel: 30 m3
Wet laboratories: (2) 25 m2
Dry laboratories: (3) 35 m2
Free working deck area: 70 m2

Crew and passengers
Crew: 4-6
Scientists/students: 12-16
The numbers depends on the length in time of the expedition
Certificate: Special Purpose Certificate

Scientific equipment
Crane: HIAB 144 D 4, 12.0 m
Deck lifting equipment: moveable A-frame, CTD-/ hydrographic frame
Winches: two electric 2 tons trawl winches with 500 m of wire; two hydraulic winches for CTD with 900 m of wire; pendulum winch with 200 m of wire
Instrument on board: CTD (Sea-Bird SBE 911) incl. turbidity, fluorescence, transmission, oxygen and PAR. Rosette water sampler (SBE 32, 12 bottles). Ship mounted ADCP (RDI; 150/600 kHz). Weather station (Aanderaa AWS 2700).
Laboratories: Some are used as computer lab and control room for CTD, with deionized water, refrigerator and freezer

Ship utilization
Total time at sea: 150-180 days per year

Call signal VHF: SGCD

Price list

All Swedish universities: 5700 SEK/day
Foreign universities: 19 400 SEK/day
Authorities, companies and associations: 40 000 SEK/day

Prices excluding VAT.

When renting, the costs of diesel, oil and meals are not included.

Valid from 2020-01-01.