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University of Gothenburg
Photo: Jeffrey Johns

Rättpraktik (Law Clinic)

In 2014, the Department of Law at the University of Gothenburg started the first Law Clinic in Sweden. A law clinic, or legal clinic, is usually defined as a non-profit law practice where law students provide free legal services to clients. Our Law Clinic, Rättspraktik, is a platform for clinical legal education, research and collaboration with the civil society and the City of Gothenburg.

We have chosen to work by a model that we call the Gothenburg Model. By collaborating with a group of non-profit organisations which offer free legal counselling we aim at creating a good exchange of experiences for both our students and the organisations. The students who are affiliated with the Law Clinic have internships at the organisations and can practice and develop their practical legal skills and knowledge under the supervision of both lawyers at the organisations and teachers at the Department of Law. For more information, see Welfare Law in Theory and Practice (Law Clinic) below.

Our partner non-profit organisations are:

  • Agape
  • Antidiscrimination Agency West
  • Civic office in Angered
  • Faktum (legal support at the street magazine Faktum)
  • Gothenburg Disability Rights Organisation
  • Integration Centre Gothenburg
  • LaSSe Brukarstödcenter (support center for people with disabilities)
  • Lex femme (girl's- and women's shelter)
  • Red Cross
  • Rescue Mission
  • Romano Center West
  • Swedish Refugee law center
  • The Swedish Union of Tenants
  • Trajosko Drom
  • Unionen (a Swedish trade union)

About us

Sara Stendahl, Professor, Public Law. Course coordinator for, Welfare Law in Theory and Practice (Law Clinic).

Astrid Helmstad, Temporary Project Coordinator,

Otto Swedrup, Doctoral student, Project Assistant at Law Clinic (Rättspraktik),,
+ 46 735 32 51 04

Kristina Wejstål, Doctoral student,

Welfare Law in Theory and Practice (Law Clinic)

The Law Clinic (Rättspraktik) in Gothenburg was launched in November 2014 with the start of a unique course, Welfare Law in Theory and Practice, an elective clinical course included in the LL.M programme.

During the course, the students work at non-profit organisations giving legal advice to disadvantaged people as well as they attend lectures and seminars at the Department of Law. Upon completion of the course, the students gain academic credits (30 ECTS). The students work closely with their supervisors three days a week at the organisations. Two days a week the students attend lectures, exercises and seminars at the Department of Law, which provides the academic part of the course. The idea is to help the students improve their legal skills by providing a good theoretical basis within the different areas of welfare law, as well as providing a good opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice at the non-profit organisations.


Our law clinic is a platform for clinical legal education, research and collaboration with the civil society of Gothenburg. In order to promote our work with social sustainability, we offer open seminars as often as possible, and we invite researchers and lawyers to present, discuss and network.

International contacts

Over that last few years, we have established close contacts with other law clinics, to promote exchange of ideas and knowledge.

We are also members of the international network GAJE (Global Alliance for Justice Education). For more information, see

We are always looking for new partnerships with international law clinics. If you are interested, please contact us.