University of Gothenburg

Job Market Candidates 2021-2022

We are proud to present the candidates for the job market from the Department of Economics.

Lina Andersson

CV: Lina Andersson (pdf)
Job Market Paper: "Fear and Economic Behavior"
Main Fields of Research: Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory
References: Martin Dufwenberg, Mikael Lindahl, Katarina Nordblom, Jörgen Weibull

Jakob Enlund

CV: Jakob Enlund (pdf)
Job market paper: “Electoral Cycles, Foreign Policy and Conflict Mitigation: Evidence from Contributors to UN Peacekeeping Operations”
Main Fields of Research: Applied Microeconomics, Political Economics, Development Economics

References: Professor Randi Hjalmarsson, Professor Måns Söderbom, Professor Fredrik Carlsson

Lisa Norrgren

CV: Lisa Norrgren (pdf)
Job Market Paper: ”Time Preferences, Illness, and Death” (pdf)
Main Fields of Research: Behavioural Economics, Health Economics

References: Annika Lindskog, Olof Johansson-Stenman, Åsa Löfgren