Swedish Algae Factory
Angela Wulff (in the centre) surrounded by the team in Swedish Algae Factory AB. Since 2014, the company has been developing unique products and services based on a research-based idea of microalgae which was supported by the Grants and Innovation Office.

Value creation and utilisation of research

The University of Gothenburg contributes to sustainable and knowledge-based societal development, in part through developing innovative, research-based solutions. Often, it is in the interface between academia and other societal actors that ideas arise and solutions are allowed to mature, so that they can create value for society and its citizens. The development of ideas and innovations, from research to application, is supported and catalyzed by the university’s support system for innovation and utilization.

The Grants and Innovation Office

We support the development of innovative projects and ideas for application outside academia, in the form of new research-based methods, products, services or ways of working. Many of the researchers and innovators are interested in collaborating with entrepreneurs, students, businesses, public sector or other societal actors.

GU Ventures

GU Ventures is the incubator and holding company of the University of Gothenburg. Where businesses are formed, developed, invested in, and sold – turning ideas into successful and sustainable solutions to develop society.


Researchers, teachers and students at the university collaborate with other universities as well as actors outside academia in a variety of ways. Here you can find some concrete examples of how.

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