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Protesters in Europe: the context, composition and meaning of political protests in comparative illumination

Research project
Inactive research
Project size
3 260 000
Project period
2009 - 2013
Project owner
Department of Sociology and Work Science

Forte: The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare

Short description

The overall purpose of this joint international research project, designed in collaboration between psychologists, sociologists and political scientists from 7 European countries, is to understand the dynamics of contemporary political demonstrations, who participate, how they are mobilized and how the different contexts affect this. The project's main empirical data will consist of survey data on participants in 8-12 major political demonstrations in each country, according to a mainly common questionnaire and standardized method tested in previous research projects. A large international comparative study is expected to provide good opportunities to explain transnational differences based on the social and political context of the demonstration participants.


Abby Peterson, Professor, project leader,

Mattias Wahlström,

Magnus Wennerhag,