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Job, Employment and Income Security

Research project
Inactive research
Project size
4 500 000
Project period
2010 - 2013
Project owner
Department of Sociology and Work Science

Short description

This project will focus on employees’ perceptions of their job, employment and income security. The purpose is to analyze how these perceptions are related to well-being, organizational commitment, readiness to adjust to changing circumstances in the labour market (to be flexible) and attitudes toward central labour market institutions such as the rules in the unemployment insurance. The empirical data to be used in the study will be collected through a mail survey to a random sample of employees (approximately 4,000 individuals) in Sweden. The respondents will be participants in the regular labour force survey (LFS). Using this frame of sampling we can make use of the LFS panel design, thus including data both one year before and one year after our own survey.

The project is a Nordic collaboration project, comprising researchers from Denmark (Professor Per Køngshøj Madsen and Ph.D. student Stine Rasmussen at Aalborg University), Finland (research manager Simo Aho and Professor Antti Saloniemi at the University of Tampere) and Norway (research manager Jon Erik Dølvik and researcher Kristine Nergaard, FAFO, Oslo).