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Investigation of vision in children with CVI and children with abusive head trauma

Research project
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Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology

Short description

Many neurological conditions in children may impair vision e.g. cerebral palsy and head injuries. Other conditions may also impair vision, either by direct disturbance of the eye or of visual nerv function or cause brain induced visual impairment. This may give altered visual acuity, defect visual fields or more subtle disturbances as impaired form or face recognition, orientation problems, or problems to interpret pictures and/or other similar difficulties. The visual problems may be very obvious or may be very subtle and difficult to discover. Our aim is to develop methods to investigate visual functions in children using different old and new developed methods to be able to describe and map the childs visual problem(s). An understanding of the problem(s) will improve the childs learning, school work, communication and everyday life.

Group members

Principal Investigators:

Marita Andersson Grönlund: Associate Prof./Lecturer, Ophthalmologist, Chief Physician
Anders Sjöström: Associate Prof., Chief Physician


Susann Andersson, PhD, Chief Physician
Gunnar Braathen, PhD. Chief Physician, Habilitation Dcotor, Pediatrician, Pediatric Neurologist 
Gunilla Magnusson, Associate Prof., Ophthalmologist
Bertil Sterner, PhD, Chief Optitian
Eva Aring, PhD, Chief Orthoptist

Research engineer:

Sören Lundberg

Other co-workers:

Nuria Fluriach Dominguez, Specialist Doctor
Christina Westerberg, Special Educator