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Implementation of process development and Lean in healthcare

Research project
Inactive research
Project period
2012 - 2016
Project owner
Department of Sociology and Work Science

Forte: The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare, AFA

Short description

Healthcare is in a new orientation. A long series of attempts to develop and streamline care have led to insights that more sustainable and practical methods for business development need to be applied. With our Scandinavian tradition of employee influence and learning in working life, there is potential to develop the more sustainable care processes of the future - if at the same time opportunities for enthusiasm and well-being are strengthened. The overall purpose was to study and describe practical approaches to building and organizing capacity for sustainable work processes, learning, commitment and well-being - during a reorientation of healthcare processes.

We study in particular:

Implementation processes at hospital management, operational and unit levels

Consequences in the work environment as well as for health and commitment for the various care professions

The working methods of change leadership and its consequences for the development of participation, commitment and ownership in business development

How visualization of complex processes is used and in what way they contribute to participation, commitment and ownership in business development

The importance of social capital for sustainable business development and employee health and how social capital can be built in teams, professional groups, organizational structures

Managerial development and support resources - managers' capacity to combine the requirements for efficient operations and health-promoting work environment as well as support resources that are crucial for this.

Effects in the form of efficiency, patient safety and quality of care


Project leader

Lotta Dellve, Email:


Andrea Eriksson, Richard Holden, Anna Williamsson, Marcus Strömgren, Jörgen Andreasson, Linda Åhlström, Sara Larsson Fällman, Annette Karltun