Fredrik Bäckhed, Professor
Fredrik Bäckhed, professor of molecular medicine, is also Wallenberg Scholar.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Meet our excellent researchers

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg within many disciplines contribute to the solution of societal problems. In order to provide our researchers with the best possible conditions and to support excellent science, one important goal is to increase our international research funding.

The University of Gothenburg’s Vice-Chancellor provides co-financing for the researchers who receive funding from the following particularly strategic research programmes: ERC, Wallenberg Academy Fellows, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Project, Wallenberg Scholars, the RJ programme and Pro Futura.

Below, we present some of the researchers at the University of Gothenburg who have received strategic funding.

Fredrik Bäckhed studies how the microbiota affects our metabolism

Fredrik Bäckhed’s research focuses on how the microbiota affects our metabolism and how it contributes to metabolic disease. He is a Professor in molecular medicine and receiver of ERC Consolidator Grant.

"Future challenges are the development of treatments based on the microbiota."

Maria Falkenberg studies how mutations occur in our genome

Maria Falkenberg does basic research on the genome, in particular the mitochondria DNA. She is a Professor in Biomedical Laboratory Science, a Wallenberg Academy Fellow and has an ERC Consolidator Grant.

"We’ve worked out several of the basal replication mechanisms in the mitochondrial DN."

Johanna Höög wants to understand how human sperm cells can swim

Johanna Höög researches the flagella inside the human sperm cell, and in 2018 she did the first high resolution 3D reconstructions of human sperm cells with cryo-electron tomography. She is an Assistant Professor in Cell Biology.

"We saw a structure that had never been seen in flagella before and screamed straight out".

Staffan I Lindberg directs the world’s largest dataset on democracy

Staffan I Lindberg is a Professor in Political Science and Director of the V-Dem Institute (Varieties of Democracy). He is a Wallenberg Academy Fellow and receiver of ERC Consolidator Grant 2017–2021.

"We have shown that democracy is good for growth and for human development."

Mia Liinason researches on how feminism can change society

Mia Liinason is a Professor in Gender Studies. She researches feminism as a transformative project and social justice in a global perspective. She is also Wallenberg Academy Fellow. 

– My research is located in an area which today is regarded as social relevant. However, I also want to contribute to society in some way with my research.

Elin Naurin wants to increase the awareness of the political consequences of pregnancy

Elin Naurin researches on political effects of pregnancy and child birth. She is an Assistant Professor in political science and a Wallenberg Academy Fellow.

"Pregnancy as process hasn't been researched enough as political process."

Henrik Zetterberg has developed a simple blood test for Alzheimer's disease

Henrik Zetterberg researches neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's. He is a Professor in neurochemistry and a Wallenberg Academy Fellow.

"The first changes in the body begin long before disease symptoms arise."