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Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) has provided SEK 640 million in grants to 20 projects within medicine, natural science and technology which it is believed will generate future scientific break-throughs.

2020 Thierry Coquand

Thierry Coquand, Professor
Photo: Camilla K. Elmar / Senter for grunnforskning

Principal investigator: Thierry Coquand

The project "Type Theory for Mathematics and Computer Science" receives funding of SEK 34,700,000 over five years.

It will be a collaborative project between computer scientist Thierry Coquand at University of Gothenburg and mathematician Peter Lumsdaine at Stockholm University.

Read more about the research.

Read more: "Software that checks proofs" (published by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

2019 Giovanni Volpe

Giovanni Volpe, Professor of Physics

Principal investigator: Giovanni Volpe.
Co-investigator: Bernhard Mehlig.
Approved grant: 37 MSEK over five years.


Mikael Käll

Lund University
Joakim Stenhammar

Read more about the research.

2018 Ruth Palmer

Ruth Palmer, Professor of molecular cell biology
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Principal investigator:
Ruth Palmer, professor of molecular cell biology


University of Gothenburg
Bengt Hallberg
Tommy Martinsson

Karolinska Institutet
Igor Adameyko
Johan Holmberg

Approved grant: 36,7 MSEK over five years.  

Read more about the research.


Raimund Feifel

Fredrik Bäckhed

Maria Falkenberg

Gunnar C Hansson

Thomas Nyström



2022: Research projects with high scientific potential

The Foundation supports projects with high scientific potential. Projects should be focused on a coherent research question where the complementary competencies of the participating scientists gives new possibilities to attack the chosen research question.
Projects normally have a budget of between SEK 15 million and SEK 30 million. Projects can have a duration of three to five years.

Application deadline February 2022.