Evaluation of Security-creating efforts in central Mölndal

Research project
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2020 - 2021
Project owner
Department of Social Work

Swedish National Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ)

Short description

The evaluation aims to gain greater knowledge of how the efforts of security hosts, security guards, field workers and collaboration with the Mölndal inner city association, affect the security experience for the people who visit the central parts of Mölndal, and to gain expanded and in-depth knowledge of how these efforts should be designed to fit the visitors' needs and the municipality's set goals. By studying how these security initiatives are formulated, designed and executed in models, efforts, methods and based on different approaches , the ambition is also to contribute with knowledge in the development of security work in other cities of Mölndal's character.


Susanne Liljeholm Hansson
031-786 6385