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Commercialization of Knowledge Under Inventor Ownership – A closer look at how innovation offices & university incubators transfer knowledge from Swedish universities to society in the form of knowledge intensive firms

Research project
Active research
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Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Department of Economy and Society

Short description

The role of universities has always been considered important. Historically, they conducted research and educated students. Recently they have gained a third mission, namely to interact with society in other ways. This includes to create economic growth in a more direct way than before, e.g. knowledge transfer. It is in this context my study takes place. I look into how knowledge in the form of ideas from researchers and others undergo a commercialization process under the protective wing of the university.

Doctoral student: Linus Brunnström
Supervisor: Maureen McKelvey
Assistant supervisor: Evangelos Bourelos, Guido Bünstorf