Advancing patient-centred care through hybrid procedures

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Department of education, communication and learning

Short description

The overarching purpose of the project is to advance patient-centred care in the context of hybrid procedures. Such procedures are increasingly enabled through the construction of hybrid operating rooms. Following the implementation of such medical facilities we can witness a number of new challenges and learning opportunities. In order to continually ascertain high quality specialist care, the project aims to develop efficient and safe treatment procedures with particular emphasis on inter-professional communication and the utilization of medical imaging technologies in the hybrid operating room.

About the research project

First, the project will address the challenge of how to accommodate for the new demands and how to support skill development in multi-professional teams. Secondly, it will work with the questions of how to develop safe and efficient use of x-ray imaging as part of different procedures and how to create a safety culture that encourages effective management of risks for patients and staff.

Initially the project will study a number of selected image-guided treatments in the hybrid operating rooms. Different kinds of data will be collected. The treatments will be characterized and documented with regard to image information data, radiation dose data, and medical condition. Several procedures will also be video recorded. We will study how the specialties involved learn to interact with each other in the new organizational context. The methods used here derive from the family of analytic traditions devoted to the study of naturally occurring communication; including interaction analysis, video analysis, and conversation analysis. Empirically, we will analyse how the professionals handle the heterogeneity in perspectives that are grounded in their respective professional experiences and expectations. The video recordings will also be used to develop qualitative criteria for patient and staff safety.