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A biobank for studies of normal variability of biomarkers

Research project

Short description

We have set up a biobank for studies of diurnal variation and normal variability of different biomarkers.

Blood samples were taken, and complete urine collection at specified times was carried out over two days with an interval of approximately one week. The study included 60 healthy, non-smoking subjects 21-64 years (31 women and 29 men) without chronic medication, no diabetes, hypertension or kidney disease. The biobank includes more than 20 000 aliquots, mainly urine collected at 6 fixed time points (9:30, 12:00, 14:30, 17:30, 22:00 and overnight). The biobank is open for researchers interested in examining normal variability of their favorite biomarker(s).

In addition to using various biomarkers in our research, we perform method studies to increase knowledge on variability within (e.g. diurnal) and between individuals.

Selected publications

Normal variability of 22 elements in 24-hour urine samples – results from a biobank from healthy non-smoking adults.

Variability of urinary creatinine in healthy individuals.