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Judgement and decision making

The research group consists of researchers interested in judgement, decision making and social psychology, and especially decision making in societal and other social settings. Our work is oriented towards basic research and applied research, as well as interdeciplinary science.

Research group: Judgement, Decision Making and Social Psychology (JDMS)

Research areas

How do we make decisions? How do we make judgements that we base our decisons on? Decison making takes many different forms, such as individual, group, or on organizational levels. It affects both private life and societal development in decisive ways. Research on decision making rests on theories in psychology (mainly cognition-, social-, and organizational psychology) but also other fields such as economy, game theory and organizational theory. The way we make decisions depends largely on how we perceive the decision context, but our choices may also depend on our traits and the surrounding environment.

Social psychology in the context of decision making concerns how people constantly are affected by others’ actual, implied or imaginary presence. This applies not least when we make decisions about and judge other people, as well as how we behave towards them. Social psychology therefore is a key component in research on decision making, and gaining a better understanding of decision making processes contributes to societal development in general.


Associate professors

  • Carl Martin Allwood
    Judgements and decision making; social epistemology; cultural oriented psychology; stress and exhaustive processes
  • Emma A. Renström
    Political psychology; gender psychology; language; cognition
  • André Hansla
    Resource assesments, Environmental psychology
  • Niklas Fransson
    Music psychology; morality; social psychology
  • Sandra Buratti
    Assessments and decisions in relation to knowledge and memory; styles of decision making; stress; the psychology of ageing
  • Lars-Olof Johansson
    Social justice, Moral choice, Pro-environmental behavior, Resource assessments
  • Martin Hedesström
    Decision making, Nudging, Stock market psychology

Research assistents

  • Lina Nyström
    Decision making; Transparency in behavioral interventions; Personalization of behavioral interventions

PhD Students

  • Patrik Michaelsen
    Choice architecture ("nudging"); Transparency and ethics in behavioral interventions; Open science
  • Erik Sturén
    Resource scarcity in the Swedish school system