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University of Gothenburg
A teacher in front of her students.
You will meet with highly qualified lecturers.
Photo: Emelie Asplund

Our teachers are prominent within their field of research

At the Department of Political Science students develop their skills by the help of dedicated teachers and professors who are prominent within their field of research. The study environment is fairly informal and teachers and students are working together - here the spirit of independent thinking lives in the classroom. Here you can learn more about some of them.

Elin Naurin

Elin is an Associate Professor in political science. In 2017 she was appointed Wallenberg Academy Fellow to create the Gothenburg Research Program on Pregnancy and Politics. Her main research interests are representative democracy and people’s political behaviour. She study for example what political parties promise in their election manifestos before an election and whether they live up to their promises afterwards. She teaches within the Master’s level in political science.

Marina Nistotskaya

Marina is an Associate Professor in political science and she is one of our international teachers. Her research focuses on how the exercise of power – political processes that occur after elections take place – is organized in different societies and the consequences of this for human wellbeing. Marina teaches within our Master’s programmes.

Jon Pierre

Jon is Professor of political science. His research is about governance, or how local or national political systems are controlled and coordinated, as well as public administration policy and public management. Jon is teaching within the undergraduate programme in political science and within our Master’s programmes.