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University of Gothenburg
Hot air balloons.
Photo: Daniela Cuevas, Unsplash.

Research grants 2021

Awarded grants from The Swedish National Research Council.

Grants for research infrastructure of national interest 2021

Staffan I. Lindberg, Professor, SEK 17 mn/year 2022-2024 for a total of more than SEK 51 mn to DEMSCORE, national research infrastructure for Democracy, Environment, Migration, Social policy, Conflict, and Representation. Phase II.

Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson, Professor, SEK 6 mn for Sweden’s participation in The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) as part of the infra structure consortium Comparative Research Center Sweden (CORS). The support for infra structure 2023-2027, in total SEK 80 mn) secure long term funding for a number of large survey programmes. The main applicant is Professor Mikael Hjerm, Umeå University. CORS consists of reserchers at Umeå University, Stockholm University, Mid Sweden University and the University of Gothenburg.