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Links to other Research Groups

See the links below for current research that is conducted within different networks.

ECPR Standing Group on Political Parties, The ECPR Standing Group on Political Parties has the aim of coordinating and enabling communication between political scientists who do research on political parties.

Making Electoral Democracy work, is an international cooperation between political scientists, economists and psychologists from Canada, Europe, and the US. The aim is to investigate how rules, such as electoral systems and electoral context, affects the dynamic and mutual relation between voters and parties.

The Observatory on Political Parties and Representation (OPPR), conducts a number of trans- and international research projects on European political parties

The Centre for the Study of Political Change (CIRCaP), was founded in 1997 with the aim of conducting research, analysis and data collection on problems and processes related to political change on a local, national and international level.

Party Law in Modern Europe, Party Law in Modern Europe is a research project on the legal regulation of the political parties in the democracies of post-war Europe.

European parliament research group (EPRG), is a research group that gathers leadng researchers from Europe and North America who study the European Parliament. The objective is to study different aspects of political behaviour in the European Parliament. The project coordinates research programs and projects, and provides knowledge, expertise and data.

Governments in Europe Data Archive, is a research project with the aim of conducting comparative research on the compilation and stability of national governments. The two main aims of the project are to study why governments fail, and how government coalitions impact the compilation and stability of national governments.

The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES), is a research program consisting of researchers from around the world who work with electoral research and polling.

Council for European Studies Party Group, is a research network with the aim to increase the understanding of political parties, party systems and elections by involving researchers in networking across geographical and disciplinary borders.