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Data and Documentation, internationally

The following lists contain links to party research and available databases.


Chapel Hill Expert Survey (CHES), CHES data provides parties' political positions on many different issue areas such as European integration, economic and social left-right position. The latest surveys also contain questions regarding for example immigration, redistribution, decentralisation and environmental politics. The positions are estimated with the help of hundreds of experts. The first survey was conducted in 1999 and has been followed by four more surveys in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. 

Manifesto Project Database, The Manifesto Project database provides parties' political positions on political issues based upon a content analysis of the party manifestos. The database contains around 1000 parties from 1945 to today, in more than 50 different countries. 

ParlGov Database, Parlgov is a data infrastructure for political scientists and others who are interested in politics. Parlgov contains information on all EU countries and most of the OECD countries from 1945 to today. The database contains around 1500 parties, 910 elections, and 1300 governments.

Lijphart Elections Archive (University of California, San Diego), Lijphart Elections Archive is a systematic compilation of election results in around 350 national parliamentary elections in 26 countries.

The Comparative Candidates Survey (CCS), CCS is a cooperative multinational project with the aim of collecting information about individuals who run for parliament in national elections in different countries. The project utilises a shared questionnaire to enable comparisons between countries.

Party policy in modern democracies, a database with party positions on various political issues from 47 countries, between 2003-2004. 

Euromanifesto project, collects, codes and analyses election manifestos for parties that run for the European Parliament. 

The Political Party Database Project, functions as a public database and central source of information on party organisations, party funding, leadership elections, and party participation in representative democracies.

ESDS (Economic and Social Data Service – UK), provides data for social and economic research and education.

Veto Players Data, provides data on the compilation of governments in industrial countries, and the ideological positions of political parties. 

Finlands samhällsvetenskapliga dataarkiv (FSD), is a national service organisation for research and education. FSD collects, archives and digitally distributes quantitative and qualitative research data for research, teaching and education purposes.

Inter-Parliamentary Union, Inter-Parliamentary Union is a database with information on the structure and working procedures in 268 parliaments in 191 with national legislative assemblies. 

Database of Party Laws, Database of Party Laws contains data on legal regulations that affect political parties. The database includes around 150 countries around the world.


Political Data Yearbook, The Political Data Yearbok collects information on election results, national referenda, changes in government and institutional reforms in 36 countries, including all EU Member States. In addition, there are comments by political experts on political events and the most important political issues on the national level for each country.

Leftist parties of the world, this website contains information on political parties, organisations and groups that identify as leftist or origin from leftist movements.

International IDEA Political Finance Database, Political Finance Database provides information on party financing. It includes legislation from 180 countries in total. 

Parties and Elections in Europe , is a comprehensive database with information on parliamentary elections in Europe since 1945. Political parties are classified according to their political orientation and content. 

CEVIPOF valarkiv , Starting 2014, CEVIPOF has been making French election archives available for the period of 1958-2002.

Europe Politique , contains information on European politics in French.

France Politique, contains information on French politics in French.

Dokumentationscenter för Holländska partier (DNPP),  DNPP provides documentation on Dutch political parties, with an emphasis on the parties extra-parliamentary activities. There are, amongst others, election manifestos and year books of the political parties.

Bundeswahlleiter, provides and collects information on elections and parties in Germany.

Data om det politiske systemet (NSD), NSD provides documentation on Norwegian political parties, overviews of the most important historical and political events for the Norwegian political parties, and an archive on electoral lists for Stortinget, Fylketinget and the Sameting elections.