Students within EUTOPIA


The University of Gothenburg is a member of the European University alliance EUTOPIA. Together with nine other higher education institutions, there is a shared vision of creating a strong alliance with free movement for students, researchers, teachers and other staff.

What is EUTOPIA?

EUTOPIA is a university alliance consisting of ten European universities. The alliance aims to prepare European youth for the local and global challenges of the future. Sustainability, inclusion, external collaboration, and international cooperation are the focus for both education and research, and students’ input and influence are key.

EUTOPIA has received EU funding to help the network carry out a variety of pilot projects. In the long run, these projects are expected to contribute to the creation of a new model for higher education in Europe. As part of EUTOPIA, the University of Gothenburg is well-positioned to influence and shape the future and design of higher education.

Example of projects within EUTOPIA

Works for a common research and innovation agenda for the EUTOPIA universities. For questions about EUTOPIA TRAIN, contact Magdalena Petersson Mc Intyre.

Finances postdoctoral services at EUTOPIA's universities. For questions about EUTOPIA SIF, contact Andreea Maris.


Coordinator for the EUTOPIA alliance at the University of Gothenburg
Karin Jonson

Magdalena Petersson Mc Intyre

Research och EUTOPIA SIF
Henrik Lindskog

Cooperation and Innovation
Camilla Pettersson

Catherine Gillo Nilsson

Lisa Broadwell

Student mobility Eutopia Exchange Agreements