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We are building for the future


It has been 25 years since the university made any significant renovations and many of the current buildings were planned in the 1980s, before digitalisation and internationalisation. However, several of the university buildings are far older than this. The facilities must now be updated to better suit the needs of our time.

The past few years has seen the planning of large-scale construction projects within the university. Based on our activities, we have defined our needs for modern premises. Needs that will require major renovations and additions. Several of the projects are in their early stages or in pre-planning and concern both major redevelopments and new facilities within most faculties.

Large building projects generate large costs, which is why the Vice-Chancellor often has to decide on new construction projects. The Vice-Chancellor has therefore appointed a steering committee for the supply of premises and building projects. The steering committee’s mission is to prepare cases for decision by the Vice-Chancellor and manage development plans and project plans for the university’s land and buildings.

“We are in the expansive stage and are developing our premises for tomorrow's students and employees,” says Vice-Chancellor Eva Wiberg. The steering committee plays an important part in preparing cases for both the vice-chancellor and the board’s decision.

Plans have been drawn for a total of 100,000 square metres of new buildings, with a project value of between five and eight billion SEK, over the next five to eight years. The current cost of premises is around ten per cent of the university’s assets. Approximately SEK 650 million per year.

In order to manage ongoing and upcoming major construction projects, the strategic property development function has been reinforced with project managers. The operations will still be managed by Mårten Tiselius, with support of Anna Walske, Assistant manager.

To information concerning supply of premises within the University of Gothenburg.