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Visiting British researcher reports


The Centre for person-centred care collaborates with many external researchers. Here is an example.

Visit from Dr Wendy Walker

In September 2014, Dr Wendy Walker, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Wolverhampton, UK, visited The Gothenburg University Centre for Person-centred Care (GPCC). The three-day visit formed part of a Postdoctoral Fellowship, awarded via the University of Wolverhampton Early Researcher Award Scheme [ERAS]. Wendy is a registered nurse with specialist education in adult intensive care. Her experience of caring for critically ill people led to a growing and enthusiastic interest in person-centred end of life care, particularly in situations of sudden and unexpected death. Her research as an ERAS Fellow involved an exploration of person-centred bereavement care in adult acute and critical care settings.

During her visit, Wendy met with Dr Catarina Wallengren, education coordinator, who facilitated the visit; Professor Inger Ekman, Director of GPCC; Dr Lilas Ali, a registered nurse in psychiatry and postdoctoral researcher; Åsa Axelsson, Associate Professor and Pether Jildenstål, a Nurse Anaesthetist. These meetings were used to gain insight into research, innovation and education activities at GPCC, and the strategies used to promote the utilisation of research in practice. Shared examples of applied research at GPCC gave indication of what ‘extra’ can be achieved when care is person-centred, including time and cost savings. One-to-one discussions and small group meetings also provided opportunity to reflect on similarities and differences between health care research, education and practice in Sweden and the UK. The potential for future collaborations were realised.

Wenday Walker and Catarina Wallengren

Wendy said; ‘I am indebted to Catarina and the research team at GPCC for facilitating a positive and enjoyable learning experience. I was inspired by the people I met and the quality of their work within the Centre. This has challenged me to consider new ways of working and researching to achieve evidence-based, sustainable changes in health care for experiencing persons. The welcoming and personalised visit reflected the philosophy and goals of GPCC.