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Flagga Göteborgs universitet
Photo: Stefan Ideberg

University of Gothenburg ranked 138th in the world


The University of Gothenburg is ranked in 138th place in the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), more commonly called the Shanghai Ranking.

Our ranking this year means that the University of Gothenburg has advanced three places compared to 2020, and consolidates the official position within the 101–150 range, which is the same position as in 2020. The slight advance is probably due to random variation, analyst Magnus MacHale-Gunnarssson believes.

"It is the single best position that the University of Gothenburg has ever attained on the Shanghai Ranking, but the improvement is so minor that it could be considered noise," he emphasizes.

The University of Gothenburg’s improved position over the past few years is primarily down to better results in the HiCi indicators (the number of employees on Clarivate’s lists of frequently cited researchers), as well as having more articles published in the journals Nature and Science.

As regards other Swedish universities with a broad educational remit, there are small differences. Karolinska Institutet is the highest ranked Swedish university, and is number 42 in the world. They are followed by Stockholm University and Uppsala University, in 74th and 78th place respectively. Lund University has fallen a few places and, like last year, they are ranked slightly below the University of Gothenburg.

The biggest change is that the Royal Institute of Technology and Chalmers University of Technology have fallen significantly from 213th to 277th place for the Royal Institute of Technology, and from 359th to 447th place for Chalmers.

"This can be explained by the fact that both universities have dropped in the indicators for frequently cited researchers, where Chalmers previously had two researchers, compared to only one currently, and the Royal Institute no longer has anyone on the list," says Magnus MacHale-Gunnarsson.

BY: Allan Eriksson