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University of Gothenburg in close contact with students abroad


Since January, the University has been in regular contact with students who are in areas affected by COVID-19. The students have been asked to keep themselves updated on the situation and carefully follow safety recommendations from both local and Swedish authorities.

Following the government's advice against travel on 14 March, the University contacted all students who are abroad for study or various forms of internship. A total of more than 400 students.

– The students have been informed that they should continue to stay updated on the situation where they are and follow safety recommendations carefully, both from authorities and host university. They have also been asked to provide information on their location and possible travel plans, says Hans Abelius, Head of Office, International Center at University of Gothenburg.

Students are advised to stay where they are

At present, no decision has been made to call students home, the current recommendation is instead to stay where they are. The reason for the decision is, among other things, in the risk of infection linked to long air travel and that it is considered safer to follow safety recommendations at their current location. The decision is also in line with the recommendations of The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigeheten).

Student who would still like to return home, or who are encouraged to do so by their host university, can get help with booking a trip home through their insurance with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). They are also encouraged to contact their home department to plan their studies, or alternatively to follow teaching via distance from the host university.

The University has a working group that closely follows the development and regularly updates the information on how students and staff should act in relation to covid-19.

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