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Ulrika Knutson and Emily Hemelrijk New Honorary Doctors


Swedish journalist and author Ulrika Knutson and Dutch ancient historian Emily Hemelrijk have been appointed honorary doctors at the Faculty of Arts, University of Gothenburg.

For several decades, Ulrika Knutson has served as an invaluable link between the humanities and the rest of society primarily through her books, lectures, articles and radio and TV contributions.

According to the Faculty Board of Arts, Knutson’s ‘verbal and stylistic excellence, vast knowledge, good judgement and charismatic personality have made her a leading cultural figure. Her sphere of activity is, like her cultural achievements, extensive.’

Knutson has also been a frequent guest at Gothenburg University Library and the KVINNSAM database, where she found material for the much acknowledged book Kvinnor på gränsen till genombrott. Om Fogelstadkvinnorna (2004).

‘With her broad interest in education and knowledge, women’s history, literature and freedom of speech, she has served as a central conveyor of humanistic research, where she with strong authority, contagious enthusiasm and great precision has contributed with new important perspectives,’ says Margareta Hallberg, dean.

Emily Hemelrijk is a renowned professor of Ancient History at the University of Amsterdam. Her work includes an exploration of women’s public life in the Roman world and extensive writing about educated women in the Roman elite.

Her latest book is titled Hidden Lives, Public Personae: Women and Civic Life in the Roman West.

The Faculty Board of Arts finds that Hemelrijk ‘has distinguished herself with partly ground-breaking research on women in antiquity … Emily Hemelrijk has broken new ground by focusing on new geographic areas. Her works cover not only the core areas in Roman antiquity but also the provinces.’

‘Emily Hemelrijk combines in an innovative manner literary sources with material ones such as sculptures. She has co-operated with researchers at the University of Gothenburg for several years and has also been a highly appreciated guest researcher at the Faculty of Arts,’ says Margareta Hallberg.

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