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Two Spring Ceremonies held at the IT Faculty


On the 12th of June the traditional Spring Ceremonies were held at the IT Faculty. This year there was one ceremony for the students at the BSc programmes, and another for the master students.

The sun was spreading in the Ceremony Hall of the University of Gothenburg, rendering an atmosphere of Swedish summer. We listened to many nice talks, a fanfare was blown for every programme leaving the stage, and a trio from the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg performed Swedish summer songs at their best.

We were all a bit affected by the special occasion, marking the end of years of studying and time to say goodby for now.

Avgångsklass 2014, Master in CommunicationHappy students graduating from the international programme 'Master in Communication'. Photo: Peter Larsson

Linnéa Emanulsson håller tal

On the right: Linnéa Emanuelsson, Head of the IT Section of Student Union, congratulated all graduates and told them not to think too much about living the perfect life. Photo: Anneli Andersson

The Pro Dean of the IT Faculty, Dick Stenmark, said in his speech to the students: "I have a secret - I can see the future. It is sitting right in front of me. You are the future!" which somewhat summerized what we were all thinking a day like this. And we are of course hoping to see our former students again, as guest lecturers, as returning students, or maybe as some of our collaboration partners in future research projects! 

Mingel, avslutningsceremonin 2014

After all memorable speeches, songs, music, congrats, and ideas of the good life, we went to the foyer to mingle and have some Swedish strawberries. Photo: Peter Larsson