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The winner of the architectural competition is announced


On 31 March, Akademiska Hus announced the winner of its prestigious architectural competition to design a new building for the School of Business, Economics and Law: Annex by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur in association with Arup.

The competition brief involved designing an architecturally pleasing addition to the School of Business, Economics and Law, while also developing the cityscape and creating an interaction between new and old buildings. The school’s expansion also provides an opportunity to incorporate a station exit from the West Link into the building on the corner of Vasagatan and Haga Kyrkogata.

The jury, consisting of representatives from Akademiska Hus, the University of Gothenburg, the Swedish Association of Architects, the City of Gothenburg and the Swedish Transport Administration, has named Annex as the winner, recognising that the proposal is based on an advanced analysis of the architectural and urban qualities of the cultural environment and on the school’s development needs. The architect has found an effective solution to the main problem of the competition brief, creating a building with an elegant form. High sustainability ambitions and a general, flexible design with a timeless expression that sits well alongside existing buildings were also contributory factors behind the jury’s decision.

The winning proposal should be seen as a concept that requires further development. During spring 2015, the school will set up working parties to formulate its wishes ahead of the detailed planning of the new building. The local plan for the area will be reviewed in summer 2015, and can hopefully be adopted in spring 2016. Construction of the new building could begin in 2021, and the school could move into its new home in 2023.