The Whole World under One Roof for an Evening


The International Evening is an event hosted by Welcome Services where international researchers, faculty, staff and PhD-students are given the chance to mingle and get to know one another in a festive setting. On the evening of February 21 guests were treated to dinner, drinks and entertainment at Ågrenska Villan.

International Evening
Photo: Nils Pasi Nävert

Being a biannual event the International Evening takes place once in the beginning of the spring semester and once in the beginning of the fall semester. In the spring it is called the International Evening and in the fall it is called the Global Evening, though there are no big differences between the events other than the name. This particular evening marked a milestone as it was the twentieth event of the sort to be held at the University of Gothenburg, and in addition it was one of the most well-attended as just over 100 guests partook in the festivities.

The International Evening was set to take place between 7 pm and 10 pm, but the eager guests started showing up a half hour early. After collecting their name tags and getting a glass of sparkling wine the attendees were encouraged to mark their respective hometowns on a world map, revealing how diversified the personnel at the university can be. All of the continents were represented, and apart from Europe, whose part of the map got densely dotted, there were people from China, South Korea, Australia, India, Iran, Iraq, Uganda, South Africa, USA, Mexico and Brazil, just to name a few, present throughout the evening.

During the aperitif the guests enjoyed live music performed by students from the Academy of Music and Drama. A welcome speech was also held by Nils Nävert, who works at Welcome Services. During the speech he a shared a feeling with the audience that the guests at Ågrenska Villan encompassed the whole world.
“And we hope that this evening will really bring us all together.”

The university makes it easy to meet and get to know new people

Directly after the welcome speech the doors were opened to Ågrenska villan’s dining hall were the guests were could help themselves to a delicious buffet. As soon as the first diners were seated the staff at Ågrenska villan started putting out the dessert, which consisted of traditional Swedish cheesecake, to make sure that those of the guests who were first in line for the buffet wouldn’t have to wait for too long after their meal before they could enjoy coffee and the sweet course.

Among the guests were Stina Börchers from Germany and Marcos Guillermo Bauzá Thorbrügge from Spain, both working at the Sahlgrenska Academy as an intern and as a postdoc, respectively. They agreed with one another that the evening had been very pleasant and, as neither of them had been in Gothenburg for a very long time, they appreciated the opportunity to get to commingle with their colleagues and peers. Just before the evening drew to an end Stina Börchers admitted to not always being very outgoing.
“But the university makes it easy to meet and get to know new people.”

Originally published 27 March 2019